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Bonuses March 14, 2014

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Built-in shelving unit, client commission.  
Reclaimed Douglas Fir tongue-in-groove floorboards from demolished tractor barn:
ashshelves1 ashshelves2 ashshelves4
Globe coffee table, black walnut.  Client commission, built to spec.
globetable1 globetable2 globetable3
Black walnut slab offcut hinged box:  
ashbox1 ashbox2
Cribbage board.  Redwood with maple, walnut, and oak inlaid track.  
cribbage1 cribbage3 cribbage2
The first roadside farm stand built for Table Top Farm in Point Reyes, CA, several years ago.  This was followed by the more recent project in the downtown area.  
oldfarmstand1 oldfarmstand2 oldfarmstand3
Prop fabrication commission for Nick Offerman, of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, for an NBC promotional spot.
The goal was to make a hand-carved version of his bobblehead doll that looked “almost done.”  
bobblehead1 bobblehead2 bobblehead3 bobblehead4 bobblehead5 bobblehead6 bobblehead7


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