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california-based designer and artist with an interest in critical placemaking, speculative design, design fiction, and functionality

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It came from 2020:  New Okay Mountain Collective 7x7 Drawings now on sale Feb 25 - Mar 25 2021

Nearly 250 collaborative drawings by 25 artists will go on sale, for a limited time, through the Big Medium Artist Registry. 100% of artwork sales will be donated, with 90% to the ACLU and 10% to the Big Medium Artist Relief Fund.
The 7x7 drawing project originated in 2006 by the group. This round started during the early phases of the pandemic and continued throughout 2020. The artworks will be available for sale February 25 through March 25, 2021.
Okay Mountain’s ongoing 7×7 project resembles a process more than a finished work, and as a result has yielded hundreds of drawings. Related, but distinct from other drawing games, such as exquisite corpse, 7x7's visually embody the unique spirit of the group’s shared views. While the drawings are collaborative, they also provide ample room for individual decisions and styles. In fact, oftentimes it is the combination of two distinct approaches to drawing and drawing materials that gives the works their visual intrigue.
The game’s stipulations are as follows: a drawing must be started by one person and finished by another, the drawing surface must be 7 inches by 7 inches. Aside from that everything is open, including who participates in the game. Many artists outside of the collective have contributed. Initially devised to while away afternoons at a shade covered picnic table during sweltering Texas summers, the project has since evolved into a highly complex, yet remarkably intuitive, thesis on collaboration, camaraderie, and drawing.

Participating Artists
Sterling Allen, Tim Brown, Dave Bryant, Jules Buck Jones, Lisa Choinacky, Peat Duggins, Jonathan Faber, Justin Goldwater, Ryan Hennessee, Bethany Johnson, Drew Liverman, Alexis E Mabry, Jonathan Marshall, Kathleen McShane, Annie B Miller, Nathan Randall Green, Matt Rebholz, Josh Rios, Liz Rodda, Carlos Rosales-Silva, Sam Sanford, Michael Sieben, Corkey Sinks, Dan Sutherland, and Rachel Wolfson Smith

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