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california-based designer and artist with an interest in critical placemaking, speculative design, design fiction, and functionality

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Blue Whale commission (2015)

Plywood, steel hardware, paint/stain.
16’ length, suspended via steel cable in a private office lobby in West Los Angeles.

Commissioned by MoFilm, a film production company, as a lobby feature.  A wooden blue whale intended to span the space and double as a light fixture.  The whale was designed and fabricated at my studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico in two parts and re-assembled on site. 

The design and process was based on early natural history museum methods for creating blue whale displays.  Those vintage giant models were wrapped in a final skin; this whale was left as structure, to preserve the open airy light quality of the space.  The process was 100% analog; for everything from models to final piece, no digital fabrication was used.   


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